I like to write about people, the places they live and the things with which they choose to surround themselves. Here are some of my favorite pieces that made it into Article.


Korean Infographic Poster- Emotions

I created this particular infographic during the spring of 2018 for my Digital Media Projects class. My assignment was to create an infographic poster (the topic was free-choice). I decided to do mine on Korean vocabulary since, at the time, I just started self-learning the language when I started this poster, so I thought that …

8 Simple Rules cover redesign

I worked on this book cover during the Fall of 2017 for my Typography class. The book that I used for this project: 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter by W. Bruce Cameron. This is a book mockup that I did to see if my cover design would work as a real-life product.


Inspire Oakland 2018

This was my final design for the 2018 Inspire Oakland billboard competition. I was primarily inspired by the sights of Oakland Chinatown and wanted to create a design that included things that are synonymous with that particular Chinatown (such as the 8th-and-Broadway street signs and the crosswalk artwork). I used Adobe Illustrator to create this …

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