Korean Infographic Poster- Emotions

I created this particular infographic during the spring of 2018 for my Digital Media Projects class. My assignment was to create an infographic poster (the topic was free-choice). I decided to do mine on Korean vocabulary since, at the time, I just started self-learning the language when I started this poster, so I thought that making the poster would help with the learning process. I also have a close friend who is fluent in Korean, so I was able to get help from her in regards to whether or not the vocabulary was grammatically-correct. My friend is also a psychology major, so I chose to focus on making an infographic that is centered around human emotions as a loving tribute to my psychologist friends.

Here are some sketches from when I first started creating this infographic, as well as a list of terms for emotions:



I utilized Illustrator to make this poster, along with a tablet and a digital pen to write down the hangul in the program. The colors of the stars surrounding the title is a homage to the colors of the South Korean flag (red, blue, and black; the white title text represents the flag’s white background). For some of the emotions (ex. anger, embarrassment, jealously, happiness, etc.), I used the gradient mesh tool in Illustrator to help properly convey specific feelings. For the faces, my goal was to make them appear cute, while also getting to the point when it comes to which emotion the face is conveying. It took me about a month to complete this project.

Here is the final infographic in all of its colorful, emotional glory.



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